Saturday, July 17, 2010

Iraqi Refugee's in Country

What wasn't before, now the way of life in a country destroyed! Think "They'll forget!", don't count on it, especially the surviving children growing up in the new Iraq over the past eight years and into the future! Not even mentioning the millions who fled outside of the country!

Legions Of Iraqi Squatters Grow Even As War Recedes

Sabah Arar/AFP/Getty Images An Iraqi man walks past sewage and rubbish in a squatter camp in Baghdad in 2008.

July 15, 2010 In Iraq, about 2 million people have been displaced by the war and sectarian fighting. Aid groups estimate that nearly 500,000 of them are living in cities and towns as squatters.

U.N. officials say the Iraqi government and aid agencies are only now recognizing the magnitude of the problem. Some refugees have returned to find their homes occupied. Others were forced to flee violence as tensions between Sunni and Shiite Muslims erupted.

Um Sara and her family have moved five times in four years. Each time, her situation gets worse. Her Shiite family originally lived in a Sunni neighborhood in Baghdad. But during the sectarian strife of 2007-07, slogans like, "This school is for Sunnis" began to appear on walls, and the bodies starting piling up. Continued

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