Thursday, July 08, 2010

Trust is hard to come by in Afghanistan

Rachel Maddow does her show live from Afghanistan, she traveled there last week and the first show was aired last night, 6 July 2010.

We came to Afghanistan because we wanted to understand whether the American war strategy makes sense, whether the continuing and growing presence of U.S. troops is helping us reach our goals there. President Obama's "uplift" strategy for winning in Kandahar is in full swing -- only it's not about blowing things up but rather opening police stations and trying to create a civil society.

As Brigadier General Ben Hodges told us on a drive through Kandahar City this week, that's a tough bar to reach. Kandahar has run on corruption since the days of ancient traders on the Silk Road paying for safe passage. Hodges said coalition forces need to establish trust between local people and the government, at the level of policemen and district officials.

This is the first cut from last nights airing.

To watch, stream, the rest of the show, covering a number of topics you can visit her MSNBC site, below the video's you'll find her blog link, of which I cut the above blockquote, for more on her visit to the theater.

2nd Night of Afghan Live Reports

The rest of the stream of last nights, 7 July 2010, reports found here.

There are also a few reports that weren't on her show, each day, but on the web only.

This is called real journalism as she covers many issues of an occupation of others few here are really paying any attention to except as a political tool and false meme's of patriotism, from those sitting comfortably here and way to many watching fox with little reporting as our very own 24hr propaganda media outlet.

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