Friday, August 13, 2010

Afghanistan! Elections?

Easy to answer the subject title. So called repubs, who've been changing their labels since greatly defending the previous admin and those congresses, to libertarian at first and now tea party, don't want to be reminded of the failed policies and all the proof that showed they were wrong on everything, reason they also keep changing the 'rage' issues, and most dems don't want to do what this country Should Have Done Long Ago, Bring Accountability for the crimes committed by those who led and those around them, so the Destructive Debacle Wages On!!!!

Why isn't Afghanistan an election issue?

13 August 2010 - In the most recent 90 days of the war - as opposed to the past 3,231 days the war has been running - we might have learned this is no longer about the liberation of women; this is no longer about finding Osama bin Laden, who no-one believes is actually hiding in Afghanistan; this is no longer about hunting down Al Qaeda, because, at most, there are only "50 to 100, maybe less" members left; this is no longer about wresting control from the Taliban, because - despite the additional 30,000 troops recently deployed to Kandahar and Helmand - we will most likely hand these provinces over to the Taliban. "Negotiated settlement" has become a familiar refrain. Yet to learn these things, we would have to take to political discourse with a magnifying glass, armed with a forensic degree in reading between the lines.

The war on Afghanistan has been running for 8 yrs 10 months 4 days, or 8.84 years. The majority of those in the know, from troops on the ground to diplomats and leaders, assume that the US/NATO alliance in Afghanistan has lost the war. In the first half of 2010, at least 1,271 Afghan civilians were killed and 1,997 injured. That's a 31 per cent increase over 2009's gory first half of the year. The UN reports "roadside bombs alone killed at least 74 children," which is a "155 per cent increase in bombing-related deaths among children compared to the same period last year." Continued

That is as to here in the U.S., as this piece comes out of Australia, but they're seeking same and wondering why the so called west is so intent on creating even more hatreds!!

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