Friday, August 13, 2010

Did the MPAA Dishonor Pat Tillman’s Memory!

Still trying to control the meme and locking out the crime of the propaganda by the civilian and military leadership!

'The Tillman Story' loses an appeal to overturn its 'R' rating: Did the MPAA make a mistake?

Aug 12 2010 - What do you think? Did the MPAA dishonor Tillman’s memory — and the freedoms he fought for — by worrying more about f-bombs than about getting his story out to the widest possible audience? Should the ratings board evaluate movies that handle historically important subjects by a different set of standards? Or would that only open an even bigger can of worms? Continued

Pat Tillman Documentary Stirring Controversy

13 August 2010 -- An R-rated letter from Pat Tillman's father to a general and a battle over an R-rating are among the controversies brewing in anticipation of the Aug. 20 release of "The Tillman Story."

The documentary is based on the death of the Arizona Cardinals safety turned Army Ranger, who was killed by friendly fire in Afghanistan.

Last week, Mary Tillman, Pat Tillman's mother, wrote a commentary for the Los Angeles Times, speaking out about Army Gen. Stanley McChrystal, her son's death, fallen soldiers and President Barack Obama. Among other things, she emphasizes that the government should have looked into McChrystal's record a year ago and that her son is not who everyone thinks or says he is. She wrote: Continued

Beat it by taking the whole family to see the Documentary, explaining what you already know to your kids so they understand what it's about going in, then have a discussion with them about what went on and what this Country once was, at least on the surface, and what it's supposed to be! Be what we adults are supposed to be to the younger generations, the Responsible Adults!

You owe it to Pat, his Family and Everyone who serves, especially those killed and maimed in these wars of choice!

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