Saturday, October 23, 2010

US turned blind eye to Iraq torture

From David over at War is a once "". Massive leak of military logs exposes serial abuse of detainees, 15,000 previously unknown deaths and full toll of Iraq's five years of carnage

* Interactive: One day in Iraq, log by log

* Nato and Pentagon condemn disclosure of files

* Apache killed insurgents who tried to surrender

* Secret order that let US ignore abuse

* About the latest war logs leak

* Full coverage of the Iraq war logs

How long is our Country, the once United States {look around no longer are we}, going to ignore what was done "In Our Names!"! The Iraqi's, Afghan and that regions people aren't ignoring and "They Won't Forget!", nor is the rest of the World Community!! We are no longer what we tried so hard to be, we have joined the ranks at the bottom we once, and still do, condemned!!

Those who led got exactly what they wanted, a huge growth in Hatreds towards us thus Wealth from the Blood Spilled, now and far into the future!!

Added Links to More Reports

* U.S. faces calls for torture inquiry after Wikileaks publishes Pentagon files on Iraq war

* Iraq war logs: Bringing Britain to book

* Wikileaks Iraq war files expose civilian cost

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