Thursday, December 09, 2010

FEMA HAZUS Software and Updates

MR5 Software Release

We are pleased to announce that Hazus-MH MR5 is now available! The MR5 release includes several improvements to the usability and functionality of the software, including:

* Support for the Windows 7 operating system is now available (Enterprise and Professional Versions). Windows XP SP3 will continue to be available.
* An auto-patching feature has been developed which will automatically check web servers for new Hazus patches and let users choose whether they would like to update to the new patch.
* Study regions can be created by HUC-8 watersheds (for a flood-only study region).
* Multiple user-defined flood depth grids with differing return periods can now be imported.

Federal, State and local government agencies and the private sector can order the latest version of Hazus free-of-charge on-line by visiting the FEMA Map Service Center (MSC) Web Store. For more information about how to set up your account with the MSC and place your order please refer to the Ordering Hazus - MH flyer.

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