Sunday, December 12, 2010


And it isn't hard to see that these types of job creation needs won't be coming out of the Congressional House, under the (T) leadership, which will be controlling what happens in both houses of congress, they're 'stimulus' and forward moving, so No Go!


December 11, 2010 - I think that the US economy will come back to life when the next big thing comes along. The trouble is no one knows what that next big thing is; let alone when it will arrive. It would be great if this next big thing was a new, clean and very inexpensive source of energy, but it really could be anything as long as it creates lots of jobs and business opportunities.

A new next big thing has to arrive on the economic scene the way the commercialization of the Internet did in the 1990’s. The Web and Internet was something totally new to most people. It became a new industry that wasn’t there before. There was no resistance to the Internet. it wasn’t disruptive in any way. Wall Street wanted it. People clamored to get on it. There were posters stapled to telephone poles by startup companies urging people to buy their Internet services. Immediately, everyone from business executives to government officials to consumers caught on to the possibilities of the Internet and the World Wide Web. Investment was made, jobs created, new skills learned all around a computer communications technology that had been around largely unnoticed for 25 years or so. The 1990’s development of the Internet was boom time for the US and for much of the world. {continued}

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