Thursday, December 09, 2010

Message to the President, it's about 'Sacrifice'!!

I just sent the below to the White House via this technology:

As a Vietnam Veteran, '70-'71 last year of my four, I have a short message. On this tax cut debate, go back and tell these so called republicans NO as to the wealthy, ABSOLUTELY NO!

Your Administration, even the First and Second Ladies, have been extremely Pro-Active on Veterans and Military Issues and brought in a very Pro-Active Secretary of the VA who in turn found his own administration of highly qualified and active personal.

The 110th Congress had to catch up to what wasn't done preceding them as those Congresses waged these Wars. The 111th carried that on and actually moved forward on long standing issues. All that time the American Public was even asked to Sacrifice, instead all we here from those so called patriotic americans is tax cuts and more, not a word as to the Veterans of these conflicts nor those of us from before.

It's long pass time that 'Sacrifice' be made and those who reaped huge amounts of wealth over the past decade made much of that either directly or indirectly off these wars and still are!

We already knew where these (R)'s stood, as well as their supporters and spokes persons, it was plainly in view and still is. Demand that 'Sacrifice', say NO to tax cuts for the wealthy!!

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