Saturday, December 11, 2010

One Small Step

One Small Step For The Global Green Economy

December 10, 2010 - The Senate may consider one small segment of the stalled energy bill … a stand-alone proposal to create a national Renewable Energy Standard (RES) designed to increase the use of renewable electricity production. By itself the proposal is not particularly controversial, but it can deliver big results for the economy and for the planet.

The United States is no longer the world leader in renewable energy production or green energy technology. Recovery Act spending is keeping us in the global green energy game, but the United States will have to play catch up if we want to regain our global leadership position. We no longer produce the most clean energy, and are now 11th among G-20 nations in clean energy investment intensity — clean energy investment as a percentage of gross domestic product. Technology and markets everywhere are moving ahead of the U.S.

If we want to regain our global leadership, we will need to make policy choices that have been shown to make a difference. According to the Pew G-20 Clean Energy Factbook, “Nations such as China, Brazil, Germany and Spain are assuming leadership positions in the clean energy sector. The leaders all have adopted national energy policies, many including setting renewable energy standards. Other policy measures adopted by the leading countries include efficiency standards, feed-in tariffs, carbon reduction targets and/or financial incentives for investment and production.” {continued}

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