Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Soldiers Sacrifice Limbs for Afghanistan

Oh and heaven forbid we ask this countries citizens, who cheered on these wars of choice, to Sacrifice, Oh Nooos, Especially the Way Over Wealthy and (T)'s!!!

The Price of Progress: At Bethesda Naval Hospital, Amputees Recover From Injuries Received While in Afghanistan

Corporal Gabriel Martinez recovers at Bethesda Naval Hospital. (CBS)

Dec. 14, 2010 - If you want to measure the price of progress in Afghanistan, there's no better place than the surgical ward at Bethesda Naval Hospital, reports CBS News David Martin

"I was just sitting in the sand and I was kind of digging around trying to find my left leg, and I couldn't find it," said Sgt. Thomas Humphrey.

It's been one month since the marine stepped on a mine in Southern Afghanistan. He lost the right leg below the knee, but doctors managed to save that left leg he couldn't find.

Patient privacy laws don't allow us to show you all the wounded marines at Bethesda Naval, but it take it from the commander of the hospital.

"There's no question that things have been hopping the last few months," said Rear Admiral Matthew L. Nathan, MD, the hospital's commander. "We're all in."

Almost all the marines were hit while on foot by an enemy they never saw. [continued}

Boner crying yet? Didn't think so!!

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