Friday, September 28, 2012

Now Blocking a COLA Increase for Disabled Veterans {UpDated}

Not satisfied with killing the Veterans Jobs Act 2012 now blocking the cost of living increase for the disabled veterans! And whomever it is doesn't even have the moxie or courage to come out into the open and say why. And we have these people as our representatives and on our payrolls and people, including veterans, actually support them and will rehire!!

Senate Republican Blocks a Cost of Living Increase for Disabled Veterans
September 27th, 2012 - According to Sen. Patty Murray, an anonymous Senate Republican is blocking a cost of living increase for America’s disabled veterans.

A Republican senator is using an anonymous hold to block the traditionally bipartisan cost of living adjustment that is given to America’s disabled veterans and their survivors.

Sen. Patty Murray, Chairman of the Senate Veteran’s Affairs Committee said in a statement, “This is stunning. Particularly because we still don’t have any indication why someone would block a cost-of-living adjustment for veterans and their surviving spouses, many of whom are struggling to make ends meet. This adjustment for our disabled veterans is hard earned and well deserved. My hope is that whichever Senator has decided to hold up this bill will at least come forward to own up to it. That way we can move forward to overcome their opposition and get our veterans the support they need.”

The anonymous senator used an informal custom referred to as a hold, which allows any member of the Senate to stop legislation from coming to the floor for a vote by notifying and getting agreement from the party leadership for their intentions. read more>>>

UpDate: Burr's office is saying it isn't blocked.

“It has cleared our side, meaning there is no hold,” David Ward, a spokesman for Burr, said Thursday afternoon.

Trouble is that sounds like a Burr 'Huh', especially when a tad down from that we get this from the VA

With the Senate out of session until Nov. 13, the legislation will have to be passed immediately to provide the increase in time for January’s disability checks, according to Murray’s office.

The Department of Veterans Affairs said Thursday afternoon that for VA to pay the December adjustment as scheduled on Jan. 1, Congress would have to pass the COLA by Nov. 13.

“Should Congress pass the COLA after that date, VA would have to make complex programming changes to the system that could not be accomplished in time to pay the COLA increase on January 1,” the VA said in a statement. “Consequently, the December COLA increase would have to be paid retroactively.”

And once again I say, makes no dif, some a**hole apparently likes playing games like this, they've been doing so for a decade plus with these two wars of choice, ignoring the real needs from their rubber stamped wars of choice, and the other a**holes walk lockstep with same!!

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As Rachel talks about the level of attacks etc in Afghanistan, and why nothing from Romney, it all can be brought back to the Abandoning of the Main Missions for even sending troops into that region with the first drum beat pointed at Iraq. The very destructive occupation of Iraq raised the hate levels, not just towards our government policies but towards us all while Afghanistan festered and then grew with the easy recruiting tools handed to the Taliban and al Qaeda with the young fighters coming from all over. Not only festering but turned it into the destructive Quagmire it is today. Other factors play into but it all started with those war drum pounding at Iraq! Rachel talks about the hold at in about the last third of this segment clip.

Obama isn't going to Demand, the country should already have done that and through their representatives, that the Country Sacrifice, i.e. taxes, all they'll hear, especially the oh so 'patriotic', are 'taxes' and not Sacrifice, their responsibility.

This Executive Administration along with the other Cabinet Members and the Spouses of most have been doing what they can, according to the way the Government is set up. Actually they go well beyond, like embarrassing the corporate world into hiring, jobs that are needed by them but being locked by them for their investors. As to Romney, he's no different then any 'chickenhawk' especially, cheer on the power of war and the destructive machine, those sent are expendable and have no need for further help, just words, banners, cheers that die, of that 'patriotism' by the huge majority that don't serve the country at all so why should they Sacrifice!!

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