Sunday, October 21, 2012

Clemson Football Fans Boo CiC on Military Appreciation Day

Beyond Despicable, Total Lack of Acting Like Mature Responsible Young Adults, examples for the generations behind them, and 'they' would call themselves the 'patriots', as they wrap themselves in the flag! All while we have one very long occupation of others ended and Soldiers Dying and getting Maimed in Multiple Tours still in the Occupation they Readily Abandoned, and the Missions of after 9/11, with their almost full support as the First Drum Beat pointed at Iraq was struck!!!!

Clemson Fans Boo the POTUS on Military Appreciation Day
20 October 2012 - Today was supposed to be a special day. Afghanistan and Iraq veteran Daniel Rodriguez - a Purple Heart winner and now member of the football team - was supposed to lead the team in its iconic entrance to the field. Veterans were supposed to stand while the band played their portion of the Armed Forces Medley. Fans were supposed to honor Rodriguez and the rest of the people who have fought so hard to protect this country. read more>>> from an alumnus of Clemson.

They not only booed the CiC, but by doing so they 'Verbally Spit', better known by myself calling the 'nixonion verbal spitting' so popular during Vietnam years, on All the Soldiers and Sailors who've served in these two wars as well as the rest of the Veterans of this Country, especially those of us from our previous wars of choice!

No Revenues {especially from the wealthy nor their private reagan capitalism economic investments, free market supply side capitalism} = No Sacrifice = No Support!

A question Clemson, questionable adult, fans, were you booing the POTUS/CiC or a brave kid named Rodriguez, in this country today it's hard to tell where the tolerance is and the intolerance begins, on or off the sports fields, an Iraq War Purple Heart recipient? Either way you booed All Veterans but especially those of these two wars, long deadly occupations, of choice! So be proud of yourselves, you showed your true colors, those that did and those that didn't voice opposition to!

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