Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Her Passion to 'Make It Right' for Military Families

Starting while campaigning and when Barrack was nominated and the Biden's joined that ticket was greatly increased in partnership with Dr. Jill Biden's passions as an educator and Blue Star Mom. Continuing throughout these past four years and taking on many issues, with great help from the Administration, the Cabinet of and the Spouses of the DoD, past and present, along with the Veterans Community.

Michelle Obama on Her Passion to 'Make It Right' for Military Families
Oct. 9, 2012 - With the war in Iraq over and U.S. troops withdrawing from Afghanistan, first lady Michelle Obama has made it her mission to support America's servicemen and women returning from a decade of conflict.

"Nightline" was granted wide-ranging access to Mrs. Obama, who spoke candidly about her passion to "make it right" for the nation's military families.

"We have to rally around for these families. We have to be that safety net for them because, they're leaving to serve us. They're fighting for the rights and freedoms of all of us. And that's what's moved me about this effort," an emotional first lady told "Nightline" anchor Cynthia McFadden.

Michelle Obama on Helping Military Families

Mrs. Obama admitted that, like most Americans, she had little personal connection to the sacrifices of the military community.

"My connection to military life was pretty tangential," she said. "Most Americans like me, they just don't have a clear idea of the sacrifice these men and women and their families make."

Citing the hardships of multiple deployments and frequent family moves, the first lady said that she was "floored by the stories that I heard." read more>>>

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