Wednesday, October 17, 2012


Not just Bain, but any of the 'vulture capitalist' investment, takeover specialty, firms of the past thirty to forty years!

Not just the moving our once experienced innovative trades overseas, to those that once envied what we were and were building, but even those still within our borders, the ones not stripped and destroyed for profit.

How many workers get a regular raise in wages, even small raises, now. How about in lieu of a raise an added benefit, if getting any benefits at all, or good end of year bonus, I don't even think there's any that give a turkey or a ham for the family holiday meal anymore.

All if the company stayed successful and was profiting, as a show of respect for the hard work and dedication done to make it so.

If you missed this last night, prior to the debate, you may want to take a view or visit and read the transcript. In a short discussion they lay out plenty on what's been going on especially these past thirty to forty years.

AIR DATE: Oct. 16, 2012 - What Happens to a Dream 'Betrayed?' Authors Blame Trade for Middle Class Demise

Economic correspondent Paul Solman talks to the authors of "The Betrayal of the American Dream", Donald Barlett and James Steele, who say the drive for free trade has exported so many jobs to China, Brazil and India that American workers may become irrelevant to their own economy, just as other countries gain a middle class. Transcript>>>

In one cut, speaking of the powers that be here, we all know whom, you'll hear or read this: "The people up here, they don't want everyone to have a living wage."

And why:

The "Advertising Age" has written off the middle class in this country. They say the age of mass affluence is over. And now you're going to have to learn to cater to the super rich and the affluent in other countries, because the middle class in China, Brazil, India, that's the source of the coming wealth, not the U.S. middle class.

There's some great points made throughout, easy to understand, as to the taking down of what once was being built and all for the few, like a Romney/Ryan and the ideology of like minded, amassing huge amounts of wealth!

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