Tuesday, October 30, 2012

SC on the Heels of Clemson's 'Military Appreciation Day'

While we have one long war and occupation of others officially ended the war and occupation with the Main Missions, Abandoned years back with the first drum beat pointed at Iraq and almost full support of that Abandoning, for even sending our Military into that region of the World continues but in South Carolina football reigns as the supreme battles of man on man as shown only a couple of weeks ago. Clemson University held their oh so patriotic 'Military Appreciation Day' followed up, because of the publicity with an apology, for what it's worth in todays United States, and now this.

Ignoring Troops in Harm's Way, Nikki Haley Declares Official State Day for Injured Football Player
OCT 29, 2012 - South Carolina governor Nikki Haley has provided an ugly picture into the priority set that drives her governing mind. With a hurricane about to bring death and destruction along the east coast and thousands of South Carolinians fighting bravely for the military, Nikki Haley has decided that what the state really needs is an official day to celebrate the 21st birthday of a college running back {one page pdf} and wish him well as he recovers from a knee injury.


Marine Veteran Andrew Kinard

Still, Marcus Lattimore is a football player. He is a college athlete who played a game and got hurt. This is while 64 brave men and women from South Carolina were killed in Iraq. It's while many more are still blown to pieces by roadside bombs in Afghanistan. This is while Marine 2nd Lt. Andrew Kinard, a Naval Academy graduate from South Carolina, struggles to re-claim his life on two steel legs after stepping on a mine six weeks into his only deployment to Iraq. To put it into perspective - Lattimore's ligaments were torn; Kinard's ligaments were blown hundreds of feet away from his body.

Yet we choose, a few days before Veteran's Day, to officially proclaim October 29, 2012 as Marcus Lattimore Day in South Carolina. This is a disturbing look at the lack of perspective and the ugly priorities of governor Nikki Haley. It is also a reflection on our state and society at large, as we turn football players into heroes and soldiers into forgotten memories. read more>>>

While the Country has yet to Demand they Sacrifice not only to pay for these wars of choice, deficits started rising Before 9/11, but especially the results, decades lasting, of said wars! A decade plus added to the previous decades and wars of, the people's responsibility! With the only Government Branch doing anything for the Soldiers, their Families and All Veterans consistently is the present Executive Branch, Cabinet of and those around same!

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