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This is 'spitting' On The Troops!!

What a surprise. visited NBC to stream the Maddow show this morning.

What do I find, an actual MSM report about how a certain University of 'higher education', on their football game this past Saturday, celebrating 'Military Appreciation Day', feel about the present Commander in Chief of that Military their 'appreciating'.

You know the one that had two wars of choice dumped into his administrations lap along with tons of other problems while the previous walked into the sunset, rarely even mentioned, with no fear of accountability, and I'm sure those in and around along with many others wealthier from, from the country they led into.

In the NBC report they link back to this diary posted on Sunday by an alumnus of the halls of this University.

Clemson president scolds students, fans for booing Obama at football game

I'm not going to go into the 'spitting', used in the subject title. Except to say that from the time I returned from my last year of four in the USN, all shore duty, from in country Vietnam I've called it the 'nixonion verbal spitting' as that's exactly what was going on and by those who invented the greater majority of the so called 'actual spitting' on us Vietnam Veterans as we returned, that 'verbal spitting' pointed directly at us from the Huge movement within the ranks of the active and veterans of Vietnam around the world who weren't walking in support of that war of choice, including many vets of who invented incidents of that could quickly be debunked. Most Vietnam vets know exactly what was going on, as the country ignored us and the results of that war, PTS, Agent Orange and many other issues related to wars especially of choice, we were home they didn't want to take care of, DeJa-Vu all over again!

23 October 2012 - The president of Clemson University reprimanded the school's football fans Tuesday for booing President Barack Obama during a military ceremony last weekend, saying there is only one president, "and he is president of us all."

The display came as students were taking their oath upon being inducted into the university's Reserve Officer Training Corps on Military Appreciation Day during Clemson's 38-17 victory over Virginia Tech at Memorial Stadium in Clemson, S.C. The booing began as the members recited their pledge to "obey the orders of the president of the United States."

The booing, first reported Sunday by the Daily Kos, drew a mixed reaction on the Clemson sports message board TigerNet. One fan called the display "disgusting," adding, "We have actually dropped into the sewer," noting that the ceremony was intended to honor "military heroes and future defenders of our freedom."

But others defended the booing. One wrote: "Even the General who was administering the oath smiled at the booing. He knows the truth."


"Freedom of speech is a right which makes our country great," But he agreed that the booing was inappropriate because "this ceremony was a sacred moment to the recruits, their families, and many others in attendance." read more>>>

Thankfully, and understandably, some got what had happened, just like small groups around the country understand and organize to help military personal, their families and the veterans of the wars we send a tiny fraction of the population into, in these two present ones over and over and over for many. But just as understandably most don't and at a College Football Game to the fans not playing that's their 'wars' to cheer on, their 'battles' to not fight, some attend to cheer on wildly with some in the stands dressed as warriors in the school colors and more. Some just vegetate on an easy chair or couch and scream at the television, just like they cheer on wars and send others but they can't and won't attend as wars don't have bleachers and these are rarely mentioned on the televisions.

I took a cut of the Sunday diary, here, and posted it on my site about the despicable acts of these so called adults opening my post there with this:

Beyond Despicable, Total Lack of Acting Like Mature Responsible Young, and worse any older that participated in, Adults, examples for the generations behind them, and 'they' would call themselves the 'patriots', as they wrap themselves in the flag! All while we have one very long occupation of others ended and Soldiers Dying and getting Maimed in Multiple Tours still in the Occupation they Readily Abandoned, and the Missions of after 9/11, with their almost full support as the First Drum Beat pointed at Iraq was struck!!!!

And closed with this:

A question Clemson, questionable adult fans, were you booing the POTUS/CiC or a brave kid named Rodriguez, in this country today it's hard to tell where the tolerance is and the intolerance begins, on or off the sports fields, an Iraq War Purple Heart recipient? Either way you booed All Veterans but especially those of these two wars, long deadly occupations, of choice! So be proud of yourselves, you showed your true colors, those that did and those that didn't voice opposition to!

What made this extremely despicable was not only booing the POTUS/CiC, wars and the grown problems from that were just dumped into his lap, while we still have our Military fighting, dying and getting maimed in Afghanistan, the war missions and occupation of abandoned years back but that Clemson has a celebrated player on it's team. Celebrated because he's an Afghanistan and Iraq veteran Daniel Rodriguez - a Purple Heart winner and had been reported about throughout the country when he made the team.

From Sunday's diary this is what the day was about:

Veterans were supposed to stand while the band played their portion of the Armed Forces Medley. Fans were supposed to honor Rodriguez and the rest of the people who have fought so hard to protect this country.

Instead those at and those watching got to hear the booing when apparently it was taken up by many in the stands as it was loud enough to be heard. Not taking into consideration any family members who had lost someone in these wars, nor any veterans of these or our previous, I'll even bet some veterans partook, nor any veterans that were maimed, physically and or mentally that were in the stands or watching on the tube.

They post up the letter by the President of Clemson. But they do that after posting up some incidents of Presidents being booed especially at sporting events, apparently trying to soften this disgraceful show carried out by those who've never served nor would want their kids to while they cheer on wars, like these sporting events, but refuse to Sacrifice themselves, blatant over this past decade plus as tax cuts came with sending others into two wars of choice to return to a decades long underfunded Veterans Administration, often berated by the elected officials who's job it is is to fully fund especially when they rubber stamp war costs but seek to privatize instead.

Many would say that the previous administration was booed and more, even going so far that those that did were unpatriotic and not supporting the troops, and yet those were the ones who booed at this 'Military Appreciation Day' and find that 'patriotic'.

Protesting against the previous administration, booing and more, was done because of the known extremely failed policies that they carried out and most of the country fully supported. Abandoning the main missions of why the country sent the military into that region in the first place and invading and destroying another country. Causing a huge rise in hatreds, not just for our government policies but towards us all, thus causing this country to spend billions of the peoples treasury on so called enhanced homeland security to protect from the rise of those greater hatreds. Causing the loss of tens of thousands of lives, the lives of thousands of those serving and maiming of thousands of their brothers and sisters. Enhancing the wealth of many either directly or indirectly through the investments in the Defense Industrial Complex, no bid contracts and even the creation of a highly paid private army following no rules or laws and much much more, 'All Being Done In Our Names'!

All dumped into the Present Executive Administrations lap, as he as CiC leads the way those presently sent and serving in the theater want him to, not the officers but the soldiers and sailors, trying to accomplish what little they can of the original main missions and minimize the blowback from over a decade of wars. The only Government branch that have consistently, often going beyond the limits of like getting the private sector involved and more often then not with no press coverage, been doing for the soldiers their families and all veterans these past four years with the First and Second ladies starting that even before the nomination and oath of office were taken by the President and Vice President. And these 'adults?' boo the present while still not Demanding they Sacrifice to not only pay for their wars of choice but the long term results of!!

No Revenues {especially from the wealthy nor their private reagan capitalism economic investments, free market supply side capitalism} = No Sacrifice = No Support = Deja- Vu all over again!

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