Saturday, October 27, 2012

VP Joe Biden 'Honors WWII Hero' Sen George McGovern

Part of Biden's Eulogy for McGovern, on Vietnam, to McGovern's Daughters:
Joe Biden:{written in photo above} "People say to me now, and I wonder now, whatever gave you the courage as a 29-year-old kid to announce to the united sates senate against a man who had an 82% favorable rating in a year when we knew it was going to be tough. What gave you the courage to run? Or some thought what made you so fool hardy.

The answer, and you girls should know this, was your father; your father.

I didn't know him when I announced for the Senate. But I honest to God believed that I could, maybe could, go help him end this war. I honest to God believed that.

What people don't realize, had your father not been there; had your father not been in the Senate, so much more blood, so much more treasure would have been wasted. The war would have never ended when it did. It would have never ended how it did.

Your father gave courage to people who didn't have the courage to speak up, to finally stand up. Your father stood there and took all of that beating. Your father, who was characterized by these right-wing guys as a coward and unwilling to fight. Your father was a genuine hero.

The irony used to make me so angry, so angry, that your father would never speak up and talk about his heroism. Your father had more courage; physical courage in his little finger than 95% of those guys who continued to fight, to fight a a war we shouldn't have fought in the first place. But because he took such a miserable beating, he actually, even though he didn't win that election, he won the end of the war. It would have never ended."

You can find a write up about "Biden's Eulogy for McGovern Demonstrates Character and Trustworthiness" with a few links to media reports within. A cut from:

That was Vice President Joe Biden offering the eulogy last night for Senator George McGovern, who was a war hero and an anti-war stalwart, and who was the Democratic Party's presidential nominee in 1972. George McGovern died this past weekend at the age of 90. Vice President Joe Biden not only doing right by the memory of Senator McGovern, but in so doing showing what has been central to his political career, which is being able to tell incredibly powerful and accessible stories that connect human beings to values and to big political ideas. That is what Joe Biden has always done as a politician and it what he does now on this campaign, as this campaign becomes more and more every day about that challenge that compass, that issue of authenticity and values.

And here's a Rachel Maddow segment from her show:

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