Monday, October 22, 2012

WWII Veteran, 93, Casts Likely Last Ballot

"True Patriotism" "This is America. Amen" "Thank you, Citizen" {?}

How many of the comments like those, and without a second thought, were quickly typed in and then they moved on, especially to wage their 'real war' politics and the demeaning of the others, once again not Demanding Their Own Sacrifice, very very few do just like very very few serve, for the costs of these two wars of choice! Still added to the deficit daily, as the human cost still rises as well, of the country that started Rising Before 9/11. But more importantly, for the brothers and sisters that died the countries support for those that survived, the long term results of war and service to country! A decade plus now and added to the previous decades of an Underfunded Veterans Administration, the People's Responsibility to those who serve them especially when they cheer on wars and send, very few are dedicated enough to join, others willing to lay down their lives, right or wrong!

Photo of vet, 93, casting likely last ballot warms hearts
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HONOLULU - October 22, 2012 - A photograph of a 93-year-old World War II veteran casting what will likely be his last ballot has captured the hearts of tens of thousands of Internet users.

The photo shows Frank Tanabe lying in a hospital bed at home as his daughter, Barbara Tanabe, helps him fill out his absentee ballot.

A half-million people saw the picture on the website Reddit after his grandson posted it there on Thursday, making it one of the most popular items on the social media network for a day after.

"True Patriotism" was the top-rated comment on the post. "This is America. Amen," was next, followed by "Thank you, Citizen."

Doctors diagnosed Tanabe with an inoperable cancer tumor in his liver two months ago. He's been in hospice care for the past three weeks at his daughter's home. His condition has been deteriorating, and he's been speaking little lately.

He's been determined to vote regardless, eagerly asking when the ballot would be arriving in the mail, his daughter said. She kept telling him, "Don't worry, it's coming." He filled it out immediately when it landed in the mailbox on Wednesday. read more>>>

No Revenues {especially from the wealthy nor their private reagan capitalism economic investments, free market supply side capitalism} = No Sacrifice = No Support = Deja-Vu all over again!

We get headlines like this, Campaigns Sidestep Talk Of Tough Choices In Afghanistan, and news celebrities like Rachel Maddow, sorry Rachel, who obviously loves parades, still calling for a National 'Welcome Home' parade down the streets of New York City, ask the Desert Storm Veterans who contracted 'Gulf War Syndrom' how their National Parade helped them till finally in this Administration and VA they are getting cared for, while we still have our Military in the war and occupation that most in the country cheered on Abandoning with the first Drum Beat pointed at Iraq, and innocent country and people. Yet I see nor hear the media nor the people of the Country, especially those oh so patriotic flag wavers condemning others for not being as 'patriotic' as themselves, words and cheap symbols to show just how they are, Demanding any Sacrifice to fulfill their own Responsibility, especially the grossly wealthy! Community parades and welcome home celebrations are held yet at none do you hear that Demand for Sacrifice, to pay for these present wars, as said above adding to the deficits of the country daily as those started rising Before 9/11 but especially to take care of the soldiers and sailors who survived but were maimed physically and mentally once again, a decade plus added to the previous decades. This is what the Country should be talking about, not just talking but the whole country, not just groups of dedicated people within, should have already done, Sacrificed, as those they sent, and still are, and their families have! The present Administration, it's cabinet and those surrounding same, are the only Government Branch doing what needs to be done, limited by the ability but even going beyond that, and have been these past four years, started even before the CiC was sworn in during the campaign leading up to. The President, the Commander in Chief, is leading those serving the way they want, a gradual drawdown to try and accomplish at least something of the main missions that were readily abandoned years back, and they have. Does anyone hear about or see a mass movement in the ranks, as we had during Vietnam, to completely just withdraw, only in the public ranks do we hear and see that as the public, once again, in majority got tired of the war of choice and wage political war once again putting the Military and it's Veterans' out of site and occasionally only in mind!

That from the CiC, and Take Care of These Younger Brothers and Sisters

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