Thursday, November 01, 2012

How the Gov. Responds to Its Citizens in Disasters

This is How!

Yesterday after streaming the live feed of President Obama's press conference in New Jersey with Governor Christie and Federal Agency heads I put together this photo with one of his many comments informing those affected and the Country what their Government is doing, so as to post on Facebook etc.:

Wasn't planning on passing on much till I caught this this morning.

October 31, 2012 - The Pentagon is feeding civilian first responders satellite imagery of storm damage through their smartphones, according to the Defense Department.

The military’s mapping office, the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency, is providing the graphics so that the Federal Emergency Management Agency can allocate resources appropriately in the wake of Hurricane Sandy, NGA officials said. First responders can obtain -- and store -- the information through several communications channels in case connectivity fails. Due to power outages and physical damage in savaged areas, as much as 25 percent of cellphone sites were not operating as of 10 a.m. Tuesday, according to the Federal Communications Commission.

NGA has launched a website, with restricted access, that provides authorities with geospatial data and viewing tools. And the agency “ensures many of its products can be utilized and cached via handheld mobile devices, making access to timely information easily accessible for assessment and rescue operations, even in areas experiencing intermittent or disconnected cell service connectivity,” NGA officials said in a statement.

Following such communication lapses, FEMA has dispatched self-powered “mobile emergency response support” personnel to provide states with secure and normal voice, video and information services, the civilian agency said. read more>>>

And this:

31 October 2012 - Power restoration stands as the “top priority” of the federal response to Hurricane Sandy, Pentagon spokesman George Little told a press briefing Wednesday. The Army Corps of Engineers has deployed temporary power teams to the Northeast to help fill the gap until power is restored to millions of business and households.

The Corps said its 249th Engineers Battalion, which has an active company based at Fort Belvoir, Va., and a reserve company in Cranston, R.I., are equipped with generators that can pump out 3 megawatts of power -- enough to take care of the electricity demand of 3,000 households.

Post-hurricane support has included four planning and response teams, backed up by six emergency command-and-control vehicles and one mobile command vehicle, the Corps said. read more>>>

There are so many ways that have come to light the past couple of days, and yet many we have yet to hear about as the work ahead is more important then the news about, especially in helping the first responders that were out before, during the storm and continue to be since. We've heard about others like the three Helicopter Carriers moved to the coasts to aid in many area's as the needs arise.

This is why we have a Government, this is why we pay into the peoples treasury of and it comes right back into our communities and there for same communities who have the need for more if and when, this is what the Government does and should do!

And what do we hear from 'heck of a job Brownie!', that the actions taken have been way to swift!!

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