Monday, November 05, 2012

NC Voting Message to Veterans and Military Families

I wholeheartedly not only approve with but fully support for my brothers and sisters! This is not the message, just below, but the previous words of a Military Spouse who's been on the receiving end of the work done by this present Executive Administration, all that will be wiped out if not only they are not returned to continue but also if, as in the mid-terms, the obstructionist who do policy by 'pledges' are given increased numbers in Congress and the State Houses.

"There is this sense that this is genuine," says Raezer. "We haven't had this kind of visibility from the White House—ever." Joyce Raezer - December 30, 2011 Military Spouse

This is the message passed along in the Winston-Salem Journal:

Cal Cunningham, guest columnist, looks at the choice for veterans and military families
November 5, 2012 - Beneath the uniform worn by every member of our nation’s armed forces lies a unique story. That is one of the beauties and strengths of our military: Americans from all walks of life can serve our country honorably and rise through the ranks without regard to status in society.

In the last two months, I’ve participated in dozens of events around the state of North Carolina as a member of the Veterans and Military Families for Obama Leadership Council. As a group, the council comes from different personal backgrounds, different branches of the military and different generations of service. And of all the issues that have been debated in this campaign, there are few on which we all agree.

But on Election Day, we stand united in calling on our fellow veterans and military families to send President Barack Obama back to the Oval Office for a second tour of duty as our commander in chief.

Over the past four years, this president has demonstrated he possesses the qualities it takes to be an effective leader. He has kept his word to those who wear our nation’s uniform abroad, and he has kept his promises to us when we return home, recognizing that our nation’s support for those who serve cannot end when the conflicts of the day fade from the headlines.


Just as importantly, he has also kept his faith with the latest generation as it returns home to communities across the country. The president believes that no one who has fought our enemies abroad should have to fight for a job at home, so he introduced tax credits that encourage businesses to hire returning veterans and improved training programs — all with bipartisan support. He also proposed a Veterans Job Corps that would put up to 20,000 veterans to work protecting our communities and preserving our natural resources.


After listening to his public statements, I have genuine concern about whether Romney is prepared to be commander in chief and share concern with my fellow veterans about whether he truly understands the needs of military families. Last Veterans’ Day, Romney suggested turning VA medical care into a voucher program, and the Romney-Ryan budget could cut the VA by nearly 20 percent. Alarmingly, his jobs and education plans fail to even mention veterans or military families. read more>>>

This Administration, the Cabinet Agencies that can Help the VA Directly, those around the Administration from the First and Second Ladies on down to the Wives and Husbands of Cabinet Members are the only Government Branch Consistently working, often with no fan fare, for the Military Personal, their Families and the Veterans Community Young and Us Older Members Of!!

When the Country won't 'Stand Up to their Responsibility' and only use words and symbols while waving flags, especially through their hired representatives, one Branch has picked up some of that slack and in doing so often have gone beyond the Executive Branches direct Government abilities by bringing in some private sector people, businesses and even the halls of our higher education facilities and professions from, and We Thank Them and have their backs!!

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