Saturday, November 03, 2012

President Obama Didn't 'Rebuild' FEMA

Nor 'Homeland Security' nor anything else! I keep hearing commentators saying, especially with the quick actions by the Administration and it's Cabinet, that he 'rebuilt'! It isn't rebuilding it's appointing competent individuals to head up departments and they inturn try to hire equally competent individuals into their administrations of. Especially in Government to the People, proactive and not reactive!

Can and do mistakes be made, of course, we're all only human, there isn't a god or supreme being among us for anything, and that goes to the business community as well!

This is what's going on today to Help your fellow citizens, need fuel for generators etc. Good Uncle Sam comes in with the free to as many as they can:

Not just gasoline but diesel as well:

Wanna know who''l be pushing to the front of the lines or screamin bloody murder if they don't get theirs, yup, them teabags or their mouth pieces they parrot the FOX and the rush types!!

From a certain side of our politics we finally get an honest statement:

With three days to go, Romney calls his campaign a ‘movement’

Yup a 'movement' it's been for the past couple of decades, the tepub ideology, as they line up their sheep behind, is to 'privatize' everything, them government treasury coffers are huge and easy to borrow for from others. Certainly not cut taxes for the masses who have stagnated and falling wages but only the few they allow into the top! Need more 'profit' raise the taxes and fee's etc., especially if they can get total control again, and them cherished and worshiped bottom lines rise, and the foxbots will Still be waitin for their trickle down even tellin their kids to be patient it's a comin!! They showed it in their two wars of choice and pretty much everything else, rubber stamping congresses, no bid contracts, off the books and All borrowed, private high paid army {mercs}, support for from other countries bought and paid for, you name it they did it, and have obstructed U.S. needs since!!

They seek to make Government, they're in, look like it's totally incompetent thus we need to privatize for profit. You see and hear it in their congressional hearings, whether they're in power or not, ask those testifying how they can help then in question and answer hammer away at them while nobody says hey wait a minute it's your job to help congressman or woman. In congress they can get away with it, it's the old my representative is great it's the others that aren't, especially if they all walk in lock step with no faltering members rocking their boat. But if in the Executive Administration they look like total fools, like they did in another extreme disaster Katrina, try as they could it was that administration and it's people that looked totally incompetent not Government and still do.

Also the reason they now are attacking what Gov. Christie said, his people are hurting and they need help, help he alone and the state can't give them totally so they have to partner with the rest of us, the National Government!

Don't forget it isn't only the coastal area's that were hit:

Blackhawks search snowbound W.Va. for stranded residents

FEMA has joined with the Air National Guard and is using a base, I believe in either West Virginia or Tennessee, had an article on but can't find it right now, to help the West Virginians and bordering states that were hit with the snowfall that came in and was intensified by the Hurricane Sandy.

And there's a running daily update out of the DoD, this is the most recent:

Update on the DoD and National Guard Response to Hurricane Sandy

There was a real good report this morning about those we often don't think of and what they must be going through, a must see if you missed it:

Giving voice to the voiceless

November 3, 2012 - Physically and mentally disabled people were among the most seriously affected when superstorm Sandy hit. CBS News' Willem Marx reports.

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