Thursday, November 29, 2012

Vets Rebuilding After Sandy

These are always needed, once, professions in the needed economic trades environment, that many ex-military personal are perfect for. The military training has developed their common sense and critical thought gifts, needed especially if sent into war and occupation theaters but also within much of the military communities needs as they support the bases and if in theaters need varied skills to be able to quickly take over anothers job, if a brother or sister falls, for their survival and the survival of those they're with. Like I said earlier 'once professions'. Having myself been a professional carpenter 'once', with multiple other trades expertise in the construction industry, for way over forty years. 'Once' because the trades have been relegated down in stature within our economy, whether union or non union, to skilled labor or just labor designation, even as prices for product, houses, commercial/industrial buildings,infrastructure needs, etc. rose and wages were blamed for those cost rises. That kept the wages and benefits stagnated or dropping for the past couple of decades. Unlike many working in the office buildings etc., we build, who if having a piece of paper from an expensive higher education facility theirs have risen and many titles added, even in the bigger contractors offices.

Marine helps vets find work rebuilding after Sandy
November 28, 2012 - Bruce Bradford spent 12 years in the Army, fixing vehicles and rebuilding communities in Iraq and Afghanistan. He was discharged in 2010 and has been out of work ever since.

"You put so much into serving your country that once you take the uniform off, it's almost as if you lose a sense of pride and a sense of dignity, because you wake up, and you realize, 'I used to stand for something,'" Bradford says.

That's why Bradford soldiered through a foot injury to get to a veterans' job fair in Toms River, N.J.

Kevin Schmiegel is a retired Marine who runs "Hiring Our Heroes".

"This is not charity, this is about connecting talented young men and women, giving them the tools they need to connect with an employer, and helping them land a career," Schmiegel says. read more>>>

Military veterans already have a wide variety of skills taught while serving in those communities. Honed skills in most any area makes them able to quickly pick up any needed skills for different jobs, within the military community or especially the civilian economy, or professions, even in offices, especially with short time training by an experienced trades professional. In almost all trades they also come in with fresh minds and abilities, along with leadership qualities and a natural team work mentality, thus even developing other ways to perform the needed jobs that the experienced hadn't thought of because they've set their own ways and gotten used to doing same. They can even train the experienced with new idea's. They've been trained to hone those critical thought gifts thus pick up quickly new developments in tools and machinery just as experienced trades workers already do, that which helps make the labor easier and even quicker and importantly safer. Experienced well paid trades are an economies backbone as they fill and maintain the many needs of the business and corporate, even higher education, area's they need to exist and flourish for success and continued growth.

Reasons above, and more, are what gives the ability to start veterans organizations and quickly fill the needs of when their community or the civilian communities especially need to be served again, one like Team Rubicon and hurricane Sandy's many clearing and rebuilding needs:

A 'Thanksgiving message from the team:

From our family to yours, Thank You.

Thanksgiving, 2012

As we reflect back on the last three weeks of work in New York and New Jersey, we realize that we have much to be thankful for: our brothers and sisters in arms, the opportunity to continue our service, and a resilient nation. Perhaps most critical, however, is the generous support of people like you.

So from our TR Family to yours, Thank You.

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