Friday, December 21, 2012

Another 'Stolen Valor' Poser

Protecting a School and it's Children??

Many need to really learn how to do research, watch out, and you all know who I'm talking about, who you make your 'heroes' it can quickly come back and bite you no matter how quick you've moved on and won't acknowledge your own posing, i.e. super patriots, support for the military and veterans, and on and on...........!

Claims of former Marine who guarded Calif. school found to be false
HUGHSON, Calif. — December 21, 2012 - The Marine Corps veteran who achieved national fame this week for guarding Hughson Elementary School had a far less distinguished service career than he has claimed in public, records obtained Thursday show.

Hughson Unified Superintendent Brian Beck said he asked Craig D. Pusley to leave the school grounds about 10 a.m. Thursday after checking with regional Marine authorities on Pusley’s service. He said Pusley did not argue and simply left.

Beck stressed that Pusley stayed outside the school, except for checking in at the office. “He certainly seemed legit,” Beck said. “It’s just so disheartening.”

Records provided by the Marine Corps show that Pusley served only nine months before being discharged as a private first class in April 2008. The personnel records further indicate that he never served in Iraq or Afghanistan, or anywhere else overseas. read more>>>

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