Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Another Vets Nonprofit Gave Little Money To Vets

In this way overly political driven society, and as a lifelong Independent, I want reports like this to start labeling the political affiliations of the principles of these organizations and who's campaigns they contribute to, especially as they act like vulture capitalist and the charities are set for their wealth growth benefits only. Not the donors, they do so despite the politics of the cult mentality. But after this past decade plus, added the previous decades, many like myself understand who does what for the veterans of these wars of choice we demand our military be sent into. One side very little as they loudly espouse some sort of patriotism and strong on national defense while laying blame on the decades long under funded Veterans Administration when that under funding creates problems that cost much more to fix then just maintenance costs of upgrades and new technologies from a well funded government agency as they also seek to privatize. The other tries but only accomplishes some of what they fight for, that some is not nearly enough.

Veterans Support Organization Employees Say Nonprofit Gave Little Money To Vets
NASHVILLE, Tenn. -- 12/16/12 -- A veterans charity already under scrutiny for how it raised hundreds of thousands of dollars in Tennessee handed out only a fraction of the money in the form of gift cards and threatened to fire workers if they didn't meet fundraising quotas, former employees say.

The Stuart, Fla.-based Veterans Support Organization has been criticized by other groups for how it uses donations raised outside retail stores and supermarkets. It had been fined by Tennessee for making false claims about the benefits it offered, and Connecticut lawmakers called for a federal investigation before the group's Tennessee branch closed last month.

However, former employees interviewed by The Associated Press shed new details on how the charity operated. For instance, it claimed to help veterans and non-veterans by providing them jobs, but disciplined people who didn't meet fundraising quotas. It also claimed to provide housing and help for poor or homeless veterans, though the former workers say that amounted to little more than a rented home in Tennessee where the workers were charged $400 a month for bunk beds and plastic dressers. read more>>>

Veterans Charity’s Ex-Workers Claim Fundraising Came First

The Country should be Demanding They Sacrifice, especially related to the long invasions and occupations from, as these present wars and the results of have yet to be paid for, the deficits started rising rapidly Before 9/11 and each day the related costs are still added to the deficit of the country, they haven't during this past decade plus, and it's up to those they hire to represent them to fully fund the Countries Responsibility as they do the rubber stamped blank checks all borrowed and off the books till four years ago, in the name of that so called patriotism, war costs with no questions asked!

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