Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Europe's Energy Transformation,

And to think it was us, in the U.S., that had started down the road with alternative energy development some forty years ago, manufacturing and installing, how do I know I was installing some or on jobs sites where they were being installed by forward thinking people. We were quickly blocked from developing another possible huge advanced industry by the well-financed, even then, of the special interests groups that saw it as a threat, they now heavily fund the climate change deniers.

and Why We're {the U.S.} Being Left in the Dust
Solar panels on the roof of an office building in Marberg, Germany. (Photo: Rolf Oeser / The New York Times)

12 December 2012 - Americans' greatest challenge in energy generation is appreciating what is possible because too many of us don't know what is already happening in other parts of the world - for example, the powerful story of Europe's energy transformation.

When residents of the small city of Freiburg, Germany, go to school or work in the morning, they pass dozens of solar installations. There are solar panels on homes, on churches, on the facade of the main train station, on the soccer stadium, throughout a "solar housing development" and a "solar business park" and on the roofs of schools.

All told, Freiburg's solar photovoltaic (PV) installations produce enough electricity to meet the needs of tens of thousands of homes.

Additionally, five large wind turbines are situated on hilltops within the city's boundaries and contribute to the town's energy supply. Small hydroelectric plants sit on the river, as well as combined heat and power plants and biomass plants that burn biogas and rapeseed oil, along with other facilities that burn wood chips and pellets. read more>>>

We built a powerful and growing economy in other industries over and over in many area's and were envied by much of the world. As we not only built our innovative work force quickly advanced the products made to better quality and at fair prices so the rapidly growing middle class could easily afford to own to make their lives easier and more enjoyable and more. Well paid jobs, growth in manufacturing safety and customer service and more led to many companies becoming well known corporations. That blocking back then also came with the start of our shipping our innovative and experienced trades to the countries that envied us. They now are quickly moving forward with what we started and are rapidly bring innovations to the products that should already be in existence and working for a better cleaner world.

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