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Mother Spared Knowing What Her Arsenal Wrought

The mother, Nancy Lanza, was the first to die at the hands of her son and with one of her many high tech advanced weapons, law enforcement and military needs, of an arsenal of same she built, designed more for carnage then just to protect as a single shot small arm is.

She was spared knowing the devastation and killing of extremely young children, and their teachers and thus protectors within their school, her arsenal, the police probably also found she was very well over stocked with the bullets in the home needed as well, was to follow her death at the hands of her younger son.

Conn. school massacre: New details, new horror
Newtown, Conn., is now the grief-stricken home of the second deadliest school shooting in U.S. history. Twenty young children and six adults were gunned down at Sandy Hook Elementary School by 20-year-old Adam Lanza. We have the latest details on this still developing story in this edition of the CBS Evening News.

"Worried about the defense of her home if economy collapsed"

Wonder what was feeding that growing fear of her's of the need to build such an arsenal of weapons, weapons she loved to talk about according to friends and acquaintances. Not really wondering the sources of grew in this past decade plus of the 21st century in the Not Now Civil Society of the once United States and can easily identified!

A Mother, a Gun Enthusiast and the First Victim
15 December 2012 - Investigators have linked Ms. Lanza to five weapons: two powerful handguns, two traditional hunting rifles and a semiautomatic rifle that is similar to weapons used by troops in Afghanistan. Her son took the two handguns and the semiautomatic rifle to the school. Law enforcement officials said they believed the guns were acquired legally and were registered.


At some point, he had dropped out of the Newtown school system. An older son, Ryan, did not live with Ms. Lanza.


Ms. Lanza’s sister-in-law Marsha Lanza, who lives in Illinois, said Adam Lanza had been home-schooled for a time because his mother was not “satisfied with the school.”

Former classmates here described him as nervous, with a flat affect. read more>>>

Conn. school shooter had 4 weapons

Newtown school shooter’s mother collected guns, was loath to let people inside home

December 15 2012 - His mother, Nancy, collected them. She showed them off to her landscaper.

“Guns were her hobby,” said Dan Holmes, the landscaper of Nancy Lanza’s sprawling yard here on the edge of town. “She told me she liked the single-mindedness of shooting.”

Holmes said she even spoke of taking her son to the firing range to practice his aim.


Her former sister-in law, Marsha Lanza, told the Chicago Sun-Times outside her home in Crystal Lake, Ill., that Nancy Lanza wanted guns for protection. “She prepared for the worst,” Marsha Lanza told the newspaper. “I didn’t know that they [the guns] would be used on her.” read more>>>

This paranoid mother armed herself. thus her son, way beyond any need of protection, instead of just getting a couple of dogs, she was ready for a mini war!!

Hundreds of bullets, multiple 30-round clips at Conn. school
16 December 2012 - Connecticut state police say multiple 30-round magazines and hundreds of bullets were found at an elementary school where 26 students and staffers were killed.

State Police Lt. Paul Vance also said Sunday that authorities have officially identified the gunman in the school rampage as Adam Lanza. They say his mother, Nancy, was one of his victims. read more>>>

Knowing her son was having troubles and needed professional help she was in denial and sought to isolate him, pulling him from school in early years and blaming the schooling for doing so, as she was doing for herself and arming herself to the teeth! You know the police had to have found even more ammunition in the home!

Connecticut School Shooting: President Obama Will Meet With Victims' Families on Sunday
Dec. 15, 2012 - President Obama will travel to Newtown, Conn., on Sunday to meet with the families of the the 26 people who were slain at Sandy Hook Elementary School, the White House said today.

The president, who will also meet with first responders, is scheduled to speak at an interfaith service in Newtown at 7 p.m., according to a statement from the Office of the Press Secretary. read more>>>

What happened at that school, and the oh so many other similar terror acts, is much more then just about guns!

It's about how we as a Nation treat our teachers, our civil servants, our first responders and many more that have come under attack because the society demands they perform with excellence and rapidly yet refuses to compensate them for those demands and their actual performance and expectations!

As to the gun culture it's the paranoia that has grown within and not only fed but defended by many as the civility of this society is torn down!

The media report this incident as to the numbers compared to other very similar terrorist actions. This is number one, and one we should never forget nor walk away from in short order, the sheer numbers of the defenseless, for it was acted out mainly against the most innocent on this earth, the very youngest among us, our responsibility, All adults responsibility to protect and educate!

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