Sunday, March 23, 2014

Showing 'c'hristian's' What 'Christianity' Really Is

Or frankly showing any religions extremist doing and saying while hiding behind a religious label and in the name of the god they say they believe, demanding everyone else believe exactly like they say they do, but they even don't, the real teachings of, the religious ideologies as written!

‘God hates fags’ Westboro Baptist Church’s first protest since death of founder Fred Phelps marked by perfect counter-demonstration

23 March 2014 - The controversial Westboro Baptist Church has carried out its first demonstration since the death of its founder Fred Phelps – and was met with a quite brilliant response from counter-protesters.

Picketing a performance by the 17-year-old singer Lorde in Kansas, members of the church turned out with their usual set of signs proclaiming hate slogans – from “God hates fags” to “Thank God for dead soldiers”.

Yet on this occasion they were met by a series of counter-protests – spurred on by tweets from Lorde herself when she discovered the church would be attending.

Among the positive messages displayed was a bright yellow banner declaring: “Live your life and be awesome”. read more>>>

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