Friday, June 30, 2006

Israeli-Palestinian Ex-Combatants For Peace (Revisited)

I posted this up awhile back after Ellen Barfield, of Veterans For Peace, returned from her invited visit to Israel/Palestine.

In light of what has started, once again, in that region, I've added it as a comment to a post that was up at Daily KOS, Diary gone now so decided more should see this if you hadn't.

While this isn't the only group, on either side of this Far Too Long running Debacle of Destructive Behavior, trying to find a Peaceful Solution, these are the ones who are creating the Devestation against each other and innocents!

I'm not posting up the full report, from Ellen, you can read that at the title link.

From VFP board member Ellen Barfield

From: Ellen Barfield
Date: Wed, 26 Apr 2006 09:51:40 (PDT)
Subject: Report on Trip to Palestine and Israel

Israeli-Palestinian Ex-Combatants For Peace


And visit the Combatants for Peace website
"Combatants for Peace" Israeli-Palestinian Liberation, for the media their event
generated, some personal stories, and other info.
Here is a Video of the First gathering in Beit Jala, 16.06.2005

If object for video doesn't come up Here's Link

The Only Way To Hopefully Come To A Peaceful End Are For Groups, As Above, To Change The Situations and To Hopefully Quell The Hatreds Already Grown In The Young, Who Will Keep This Destructive Behavior If They Can't Be Reasoned With, On Both Sides!!!

And that goes for any and all Conflicts that are going on Now!!!

Home demolitions in Rafah.
Bulldozers erase densely populated areas,
to make room for the new "iron wall".
The families lose everything.


In Gaza you would find only
one Israeli-soldier-prisoner
among a one million Palestinian occupied population
Surrounding Gaza you would find
658 Tanks, 25.144 soldiers
203 heavy artillery
and 259 armoured vehicles
(not to mention the Air-Power)
The people surrounding Gaza
have more than 10.000 Palestinian prisoners
and three and half million Palestinians as hostages
and 8 Ministers and 16 members of Parliament
in their custody, without charges...
The people inside Gaza were once
outside Gaza, living in Peace
until one day ugly people came from Europe,
took their homes and sent them into Gaza
as refugees inside their own country.
Some Gaza-natives have never seen
Jerusalem nor Ramallah
nor even their birth-place....
Entering Gaza , by force, reminds me
of the Nazis entering the Warsaw Ghetto.
Or when the Roman-legions
finished up with Spartacus.....
How “brave” can a criminal-army be??
They starved Gaza, cut-off its electricity
and water and food and medicines
They have an Army and Gaza does not...
what else do they want ?
Is genocide their only way to Peace ??
Raja Chemayel
29.06.06 anti-allawi-group

{To check out what life is like under a murderous military occupation by foreign terrorists, go to: Rafah Today The occupied nation is Palestine. The foreign terrorists call themselves “Israeli.”}

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