Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Fallujah Attacks

Army to be sued for war crimes over its role in Fallujah attacks

Parents of children with birth defects say Britain knew of US chemical weapons use

Four-year-old Yousif Hamed and his sister, Inas, both of whom suffer from birth defects, at their home in Fallujah

Allegations that Britain was complicit in the use of chemical weapons linked to an upsurge in child deformity cases in Iraq, are being investigated by the Ministry of Defence.

The case raises serious questions about the UK's role in the American-led offensive against the city of Fallujah in the autumn of 2004 where hundreds of Iraqis died. After the battle, in which it is alleged that a range of illegal weaponry was used, evidence has emerged of large numbers of children being born with severe birth defects. Report Continues

Weapons of Mass Destruction with Long Term Destruction!!

DeJa-Vu All Over Again!!

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