Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Britain's Iraq War Inquiry: In The U.S.!

The bush apparently won't be questioned, probably couldn't find cheney, in his undisclosed location, to sit down next to him while being so. Also may not question other top administration figures. We'll see what this produces, every little tidbit, like many that came out early in the Inquiry, can only help and cause even more questions hopefully finally leading up to this country facing it's own accountabilities.

But breath is not being held nor great expectations of my seeing the guilt cleansed!

UK Iraq inquiry to question officials in US

19 May 2010 Britain's Iraq war inquiry panel arrived in the United States on Tuesday as it continues to investigate mistakes made in the 2003 U.S.-led invasion, but officials are not expected to hold talks with former President George W. Bush.

The five-member panel appointed by the British government is examining the case made for the war and errors in planning for post-conflict reconstruction — but it won't apportion blame or establish criminal or civil liability.

It has taken live testimony from British politicians and military and intelligence officials — including a gripping evidence session with former Prime Minister Tony Blair.

The inquiry's staff said the panel will hold five days of private meetings in Washington and Boston, but would not disclose in advance who was meeting with the team.


Inquiry spokesman Rae Stewart said details of meetings held in the U.S. would be disclosed once the panel, led by former civil servant John Chilcot, returns to Britain.

He said the panel visited France on May 4 to question ex-French Prime Minister Dominique de Villepin, former military chief Gen. Henri Bentegeat and others.


Details of private correspondence between Blair and Bush have been provided to the panel, but have not been released publicly. Continued

If interested, I started a site to keep track of the British Inquiry and then the Dutch and other inquiries and hearings held, adding some related material as well. You can visit it here to get the reports and links. The early testimony gave many little, but important, facts on what was happening before 9/11, on 9/11 as well as shortly after related to Iraq. Many also on how government and military personal here were dealing with their counterparts from Britain and elsewhere.

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