Monday, May 17, 2010

Damage Across the Globe

Quest for oil leaves trail of damage across the globe

Like many of her neighbors, Celina Harpe is angry about the oil pollution at her doorstep. No longer can she eat the silvery fish that dart along the shore near her home. Even the wind that hurries over the water reeks of oil waste.

"I get so mad," she said. "I feel very sad."

Harpe, 70, isn't a casualty of the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. She lives in a remote corner of Alberta, Canada, where another oil field that's vital to the United States is damaging one of the world's most important ecosystems: Canada's northern forest. Continued

Not only the environmental damage, very long lasting, and the deaths from the accidents, but the tens of thousands killed in the wars of choice and more along with the millions made into refugee's. Not only over oil but whatever others have that certain groups want to control!

And many will argue that what man does doesn't damage this fragile planet, here sustaining life and more, Right!!!

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