Thursday, May 06, 2010

Inquiry: Spying on Protesters

Inquiry into alleged spying on protesters nearly ready

May 6, 2010 Investigation: Army says some of report to be made public

Joint Base Lewis-McChord is nearing completion of its investigation into allegations that a civilian employee of the base spied on an Olympia anti-war group.

Lewis-McChord spokesman Joseph Piek wrote Tuesday in an e-mail to The Olympian that the draft results of the investigation of John J. Towery “have been submitted to higher headquarters for review.” Piek declined to elaborate.

However, an earlier e-mail from a different base spokesman suggested that the military intended to make at least part of the investigation’s findings public.

“When the investigation is complete, we will provide as much information about the finding as possible,” base spokesman J.C. Matthews wrote in a September e-mail to The Olympian. “Our goal is transparency.” Continued Here

You folks in the rest of the world, Especially that Old Europe, gotta forgive us little babies here, we don't go after the big criminal elements that order destruction and deaths to tens of thousands, we move with baby steps, if at all! But at least there's movement, won't minimize any blowback, but the next generations will figure out those results rather quickly!

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