Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Listen to A Soldier

Maj. Gen. Eaton {retired} makes so many points, Points that many of us have been saying, especially those who have served and Swore Oath in entering that service, be it military of government, in such a short discussion that it makes it a Keeper and All So Called Repub Reps. especially, and their Supporters, Should Be Required To Watch Him!! {but they still won't get it}

They've been trying to take down the Constitution and Country since reagan but especially since newt and delay, the bugman having run to do exactly that as to his previous life as a regulated using poisons to kill rodents etc, and increase his corrupt wants as well. But they thought they had it during the past decade and they don't want to loose what they thought they gained!!

MAJ. GEN. PAUL EATON, RET., NATIONAL SECURITY NETWORK: Hey, Keith, great to be here and thanks for the invitation. But I am a little surprise that we are here to defend our Constitution against a Republican senator and Republican representative`s attack on it.

EATON: From a national security perspective, it`s damaging. You`re going to have -- right now, the FBI and our police forces are looking over their shoulder every time they hear a Republican come off with a remark like that. And we`ve got to reinforce our men in blue and our men in suits that they`re doing a great job, they`re doing the right thing, they`re following procedures, they`re following the law.

EATON: One of the most important things we have going for us, before our own citizens and before the citizens of the world, is our judicial process, is our state of law, our Constitution. And the president is demonstrating strength and honor. He is demonstrating strength to get after these terrorists and he`s demonstrating that we do it in a context of honor, that we follow our laws, that we -- that we -- that we support and defend the Constitution of the United States, the way every legislator and the way every soldier, airman, seaman, marine out there swears on entry into service.

EATON: Keith there is a retired judge advocate, Navy Jag admiral named John Hudson (ph), who said it about as well as I could find anywhere. And he said, you know, the use of torture and these techniques is -- that`s the tool of the stupid, the lazy and the pseudo tough. And that`s, I`m afraid, what we`ve got going on in the Republican Party playbook to excite their base and it`s an unfortunate attempt and it`s counterproductive to the national security of the United States.

OLBERMANN: You had it right -- the stupid, the lazy and the pseudo tough.

Maj Gen {retired} Eaton spoke a number of points in a very short interview, and showed this is one Soldier that not only gets it but gets what others profess themselves to be but most certainly don't show it or live it!

And then about another soldier who seems to have forgotten.

They follow these meme's after over a decade of creating more hatreds in the world, and continuing, towards not only our countries policies but Us, the people of!!

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