Friday, May 07, 2010

No Alarm Sounded Before Blast

Notice how rarely do you hear anything about, or from, those who survived but Especially those 11 men killed, and lost, in the Blowout.

Especially from those groups, and their very own Cable Channel mouth piece, bent on really really wanting death and destruction of citizens of this country and doing so in the name of a twisted political ideology and really twisted view of our countries constitution.

Deepwater Horizon Survivors Tell ABC News No Alarm Sounded Before Blast, Safety Gear Failed

'It Was Chaos,' Says Survivor; Industry Officials Acknowledge Failures Of Safety Equipment

Survivors of last week's massive oil rig explosion have told ABC News that alarms meant to warn them of an imminent blast never sounded, and oil industry experts now agree that a critical failsafe needed to prevent the blast and the subsequent spill didn't work.


"It was people screaming and hollerin," Sandell said. "I never seen nothing like that. Never."

The first sign of trouble came when workers on the rig started to inject seawater into the well to replace a plug of mud that had been holding back the gas and oil. One of the valves on a massive safety device called a "blowout preventer" should have been closed, but was open, according to Eric Smith, associate director of the Tulane Energy Institute, who has been following developments out in the Gulf. That change in pressure would have launched the contents of the well pipe - first the seawater and mud, then the gas - up towards the surface.


"It either tells you that the alarms failed or that somebody muted the alarm because alarms are so common out in the oil patch that sometimes as a matter of course, they mute alarms," he said. Continues Here

What went on in those Secret Meetings of the previous vice president and the energy executives, and what about congress at the time, did they rubber stamp anything the cheney wanted, behind closed doors, as they seemed to do everything else!

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