Friday, May 21, 2010

Not Lies anymore, 'misstatements'.........

Bush lied about his military service, and so did Reagan

Bush's account of his Guard service and Reagan's story of the Nazi death camp were huge lies -- but never big news

Richard Blumenthal's apparent misstatements about his military service -- as reported so tendentiously in the New York Times -- have delighted Republicans who once considered the Connecticut attorney general unbeatable in his state's U.S. Senate race. Now that we know the videotape cited by the Times also includes Blumenthal accurately describing his service in the Marine Corps Reserve, their jubilation may be premature. Whatever the ultimate verdict on the Blumenthal story, however, it's worth noting that he was hardly alone in misstating -- or falsely recollecting -- the facts about his stint in uniform. Leaving aside Lindsey Graham, who has puffed his "wartime" service for years, such mythmaking is indeed characteristic of the politicians most revered by the GOP.


Yet Bush's self-serving revisions cannot compare with the fantastic recollections of the late Ronald Reagan, whose veneration by Republicans was never diminished by his bizarre utterances. In November 1983, he told Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Shamir during a White House visit that while serving in the U. S. Army film corps, his unit had shot footage of the Nazi concentration camps as they were liberated. He repeated the same tale to Nazi hunter Simon Wiesenthal and other witnesses. Reagan had indeed served in the Army and worked on morale-boosting movies for the War Department. But he had done so without ever leaving Hollywood for the entire duration of the war. Continued

Of course if a cult member of either political side, it's what you do with the reality, Especially if you haven't a Clue as to the meaning for those directly involved and in the case of us Vietnam Vets the verbal spitting came from then and continues now from Both Sides!!!!!!!

We Vietnam Veterans are a much different breed of citizen of this country especially as to it's treatment of and lack of listening to or supporting the needs of, whether we're still in denial about that occupation or opposed to being used in the choice of! The country will find these present day veterans, of two long running occupations, to be the same, for as long as they live, thankfully more people are now paying attention to their needs but still unwilling to pony up their sacrifice! We've got a big one up, in the experiences of life, on most of the rest of this countries citizens no matter the pieces of papers on education or professions, especially those who's words are a tool of.

One doesn't 'misspeak' about where one serves, military training disciplines as well as bases etc. sent are never forgotten.

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