Sunday, May 16, 2010

Resources to Make Medical Care Affordable

Socialized Health Care?

Last night, 15 May 2010, ABC News, they're video of is not up yet, had a report on that many should have seen, a report that could have been extremely sad, not only for the family involved but any viewing, but instead was extremely happy and informative for all.

Pittsburgh Mom Determined to Help Son

Woman Finds Resources to Make Medical Care Affordable

Look at those cheeks...look at that face. 7-month old Bennett, a sight that Kelly Frey and her husband feared they might never see. (ABC News)

May 15, 2010 Kelly Frey, an anchor for ABC News affiliate WTAE-TV in Pittsburgh, was 13 weeks pregnant with her son, Bennett, when she got the news that no prospective parent wants to hear.

"What we saw on that screen, the head area had just black," Frey said of the ultrasound.

A routine ultrasound in 2009 revealed a chilling vision: Where there should have been brain tissue, there was nothing, just black. The fetus was suffering from severe hydrocephalus, which is a buildup of fluid on the brain. Most people are born with the ailment or suffer from it after a severe head injury.

The trauma didn't stop there. Bennett was also suffering from Dandy Walker Syndrome, a congenital brain malformation of the cerebellum. The cerebellum controls movement. Continued ABC Report

Socialized Health Care?

Kelly Frey, as a News Anchor, probably has all the resources plus an employee health care insurance plan that many families could only dream of having and yet she and her husband still are unable to afford all the help and care needed for their child. What she does have is the ability, unlike most, to bring their story and the results, along with the information needed, into the public concious, that which others may not have known about or weren't directed towards. Not only on the local level of the TV station she works for but thankfully picked up and shown Nationally by a National Media outlet, and todays technology allows anyone to push that needed information even further.

Baby Bennett's Journey: An Update From Kelly Frey


May 10, 2010 Privately, the therapists would cost the family a fortune. But Bennett and any other child with a developmental delay or diagnosed disability are guaranteed help for free -- regardless of income -- through early intervention programs that every county offers.

"Probably the best thing that early intervention does for families is provide hope and says you have a child, they have a future, and they have a life and they can do things," said Michele Myers-Cepicka, of The Alliance for Infants and Toddlers. "And I think, sometimes, when you are blindsided by an issue in life, that is the most important thing to give."

Hope is the reason that Bennett, Kelly and Jason are together today as a family. For whatever reason, they've been allowed to move past the original terminal diagnosis.

County-By-County Numbers For Early Intervention (Printable PDF) Continued

Socialized Health Care?

Frey was determined to make sure Bennett got the best treatment he could. She scoured resource after resource and found a list of all the Web sites for non-profit organizations and federal and state agencies that could help her son. The result: the insurmountable financial burden weakened.

It turns out that a child who is disabled before the age of 22, can receive federal disability benefits at any age. Medical assistance and waivers are the most common source of funding to support kids with medical disabilities. Continued ABC Report

No! Not Socialized Health Care nor socialized anything, it's one of the qualities and examples of what this country built itself on, helping each other through our domestic government policies as well as within our communities, once. Those qualities and examples were once envied and copied by other countries, big and small, they've taken them on and not only expanded but lead on many issues of a society as here many are trying to break down what once was, that's how societies spread their ideologies of freedom, tolerance, democracy and more, by example, not by trying to forcefully overcome others and push ideologies and lifestyles onto others!

In the Health Care issue and ideology we now have a good start, written into the Law of the Country. Not all it should be but what is can be built on if we All work together and against those who for whatever reason would want to tear us down as a Nation and Society!

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