Tuesday, May 18, 2010

With oatmeal and a very long straw......

Commentary: Stopping the Gulf oil spill with oatmeal and a very long straw

British Petroleum announced today that it has fired its top engineer for safety design and replaced him with Jody McNamara, age 12, a sixth-grade honors student at the Dwight Eisenhower Middle School in Tulsa, Okla.


"Jody is clearly on the cutting edge of deepwater energy technology,'' said BP chief executive Tony Hayward. "We couldn't be happier to have him join our team at such a critical time."


"What Jody brings to the table," said BP's Hayward, "is a completely fresh viewpoint on problem-solving. The principal showed us his class project from last semester -- the hamster-powered light bulb? I'm telling you, this kid is scary smart." Continued

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