Thursday, June 17, 2010

As Oil Destroys Gulf Water and Life

While oil destroys the Gulf we get this in NC, how about near you!!

Report: High levels of arsenic found in lake

Thursday afternoon the Catawba Riverkeeper released water test results that show Mountain Island Lake has high levels of arsenic and other heavy metals.

"Duke Energy is allowed by the state of North Carolina to discharge, essentially, an unlimited amount of arsenic into this drinking water," said Riverkeeper David Merryman.

Mountain Island Lake connects to the Catawba River and supplies Charlotte with 80 percent of its water supply.

According to Merryman, the arsenic levels are 2.6 times the amount allowed by the state, at 26 parts per billion. Continued

This type of widespread pollution isn't new, it was going on years ago, but we at one time started going after the polluters and some waterways etc. started cleaning themselves up, still couldn't eat the fish though!

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