Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Freedom Flotilla

Attack On Freedom Flotilla Pits Israel Against World Community

June 2, 2010 Battles between Israel and Palestine or other Arab countries are no longer something extraordinary but the current situation where Israel has to face activists from various countries and condemnation by many nations following its attack on a Gaza-bound humanitarian ship is really something.


In the face of mounting world criticism of Monday`s assault, Israeli officials said all 680 activists held would be released, Israeli media Haaretz reported.

"It was agreed that the detainees will be deported immediately," Nir Hefez, a spokesman for Netanyahu, said in a written statement to reporters.

According to data from Israel, the expelled activists, including those wounded and killed, came from the following countries : Australia (3); Azerbaijan (2); Italy (6); Indonesia (12); Ireland (9); Algeria (28); United States (11); Bulgaria (2); Bosnia (1); Bahrain (4); Belgium (5); Germany (11); South Africa (1); Holland (2); United Kingdom (31); Greece (38); Jordan (30); Kuwait (15); Lebanon (3); Mauritania (3); Malaysia (11); Egypt (3); Macedonia (3); Morocco (7); Norway (3); New Zealand (1); Syria (3); Serbia (1); Oman (1); Pakistan (3); Czech Republic (4); France (9); Kosovo (1); Canada (1); Sweden (11); Turkey (380); Yemen (4).


Ann Wright said in a statement the Israeli blockade of Gaza which was supported by the US and Egypt banned the entry of all goods, except only 44 items, into the territory. "Who can survive in such conditions?" she said. * Continued

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