Friday, June 25, 2010

The Nation Is At War, Not Just The Military

Ask yourselves why Veterans have to continue seeking Private Funding and not only about the obvious needs of Veterans but also the Memorials to!! A Draft for Military Service isn't needed, what is needed is to Demand Sacrifice, paying for the Results of our Wars, Huge Sacrifice, they will end almost instantly and the Nation will think more then twice as to Wars of Choice!

June 24: Rachel Maddow emphasizes the importance of civilian leadership demonstrating to the military as well as the country as a whole that the nation is united in the war effort in Afghanistan.

Everyone can scream about the representatives that weren't there, at this dedication, any rep. You can lay all blame on POTUS and never mention the ones who's job it is to oversee, investigate and control the monies. Especially a political ideology that thinks strong but only finds vets at election time and say 'No' most of the rest as a group. But what you should be doing is looking around you at everyone else, they hire, like you, those representatives and it's them, the greater majority, who don't serve but find nothing wrong with bloated corruption of many forms in defense budgets as they grow and grow but do find everything wrong in passing budgets to care and more for those they send into harms way with all those toys of mass destruction especially sent into wars and occupations of choice a choice they also won't participate in nor even follow! It's the Country as a Whole not just those hired to lead. They talk tax cuts but never mention Sacrifice! Maybe someday this generation may learn, god knows ours didn't nor have those since to yours, but I see the same for yours even among your own brothers and sisters! How do I know, many of us have been fighting the battles you're now fighting, scream all you want, nobodies listening and those nobodies are many right alongside of you!!

The problem isn't the administration, though a certain political leaning will always lay blame there as they're not new to saying 'No', the problems are with the country and their representatives in Congress as to Veterans Affairs and everything else. And as a life long Indie, and Vietnam Vet my last year of my four, I'll point to the most guilty, the ones who waged these two occupations but never once sought Sacrifice and their followers who never fought to do same, they have an (R) after their names but their modern ideology has nothing to do with that once political party letter, they scorn those who serve, just one example, think 'purple heart bandages' and laughter, and oh there's so many more!!

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