Friday, June 11, 2010

Pentagon Manhunt: Wikileaks founder Julian Assange

They're worried about 'serious damage to national security'?, what freakin world have these folks been living in in the past decade, we've created so much hatred 'national security' won't be 'secure' for decades!! It's not like those who've been at the other end of our reign of terrorism haven't a clue!!

Pentagon Manhunt: Wikileaks founder Julian Assange


Anxious that Wikileaks may be on the verge of publishing a batch of secret State Department cables, investigators are desperately searching for founder Julian Assange. Philip Shenon reports. Plus, Daniel Ellsberg tells The Daily Beast: "Assange is in Danger."

(This story has been updated to reflect new developments on Assange's whereabouts, including the cancelation of a scheduled appearance in Las Vegas.)

Pentagon investigators are trying to determine the whereabouts of the Australian-born founder of the secretive website Wikileaks for fear that he may be about to publish a huge cache of classified State Department cables that, if made public, could do serious damage to national security, government officials tell The Daily Beast.

The officials acknowledge that even if they found the website founder, Julian Assange, it is not clear what they could do to block publication of the cables on Wikileaks, which is nominally based on a server in Sweden and bills itself as a champion of whistleblowers. Continued

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