Friday, June 04, 2010

The Public Admission of War Crimes {UpDated}

Bush's Glib Waterboarding Admission Sparks Outrage

3 June 2010 George W. Bush's casual acknowledgment Wednesday that he had Khalid Sheikh Mohammed waterboarded -- and would do it again -- has horrified some former military and intelligence officials who argue that the former president doesn't seem to understand the gravity of what he is admitting. Continued

Bringing more proof of the War Crimes, already on the books as not only domestic but long time international we helped write, that he doesn't find anything wrong with torture and he'd ok same again!!

War Crimes that have Enhanced and Widely Expanded the ghost enemy al Qaeda as well as other criminal terror groups around the world. Brought death and maiming to military personal occupying two theaters of operations, with another front in a third, called wars, and not only the military occupiers but the even greater numbers of civilians in these theaters!

All for those who ordered these crimes to perceive some sort of personal feel good feelings while gathering No Useful Intelligence and causing our Countries Policies to sink to the level of those we've always condemned for same!

Bush admits waterboarding

June 3: Countdown’s Keith Olbermann comments on former President George Bush’s recent expression of support for the torture by waterboarding committed under his administration.


Putting much more then the soldiers at risk!

And that's WHY we have Laws, International, that we helped implement, and domestic Against The Using of Torture techniques that don't work at all as well! It is also why we once held the high ground in Condemning those that Torture their own people and others!

June 4: Former Air Force interrogator Matthew Alexander explains how former President George Bush’s defense of torture will affect the actions of U.S. and enemy troops.

In todays world, and for a long time before 9/11, our policies have given rise to a criminal terrorist element, the past decade has only enhanced that growth in more regions and in the creation of more blowback to everyone not just the soldiers in occupied countries!

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