Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Violence with Religious Fervor

Hmmm, wondering if he's got close 'religious?' friends in Texas!!

Mexican cartel deals drugs, violence with religious fervor

As the leader of one of Mexico's most ruthless criminal gangs, Nazario Moreno Gonzalez is the mastermind of hair-raising brutality in his native Michoacan state. He also would like the world to know that he has a pious, loving and huggy-kissy side, and so he's penned a booklet entitled "Thoughts."

"If you want to say 'I love you!' to those who surround you and to your friends, say it today," the drug lord exhorts his readers.

In the 104-page booklet, which was published earlier this year, he offers advice on personal empowerment, Christian living and proper deportment.

"Manners are a way of showing respect for others," he writes. "If you don't have them, don't expect to be respected." Continued

Oh ya, and in Arizona as well!

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