Saturday, July 03, 2010

Brit Labour Leadership Turning Into Doves Now?

Seems many involved, or heavily connected by political ideology, in all the death and destruction of others, as well as their own {ours}, these past years, are starting to sing like birds of peace and not squawk like birds of prey, on both sides of the pond.

David Miliband: we did not need to fight Iraq war

03 Jul 2010 The Labour leadership candidate takes time off the campaign trail to tell Mary Riddell what he thinks about WMD, the Gordon Brown years ... and his brother Ed.

Labour leadership hopeful David Miliband Photo: PA

In A Midlands trades and labour club, David Miliband is asked about Afghanistan."I'm terrified my son will be posted there," says a soldier's father. "I don't want my son to die."

At every stop in his leadership campaign, Mr Miliband fields similar questions. "Your son will be making a difference," he says, and he means it. But, away from the meeting, he also warns of the urgent need for a peace deal to end the Afghan war. "There is no time to lose," he says. The compact he envisages would include not only Taliban fighters but tribal warlords. "It must be an inclusive peace."


Is he saying the war should never have been fought? "The way I put it is that if we knew then what we know now, there wouldn't have been a war. I've set out that if we knew there were no WMD, there would have been no UN resolutions and no war.

"The toll in British and Iraqi life, never mind the toll in trust, has been very, very high. It's a war we didn't need to fight," he says before reverting to his previous formula, saying he is mindful of the dead and doesn't want to "rewrite my own history."

He pauses, conscious that he has gone further than he intended. But his regrets and reservations over Iraq sound at least equal to those of his brother and Mr Balls? "Of course. People are dead. I voted in good faith." Did his brother ever express his misgivings to him? "I'm not getting into opening up private discussions," he says. "He was in America at the time."

The other lingering issue of his old brief will surface shortly, with the Government expected to announce a judge-led inquiry into claims that British intelligence agencies were complicit in the torture of terrorism suspects. Continued

On this side of the pond we've been having the typical, for recent history, and easy to recognize, for some people as it was while going on, the rovian revisionist history ideology, Blame Anybody But The Real War Criminals as to both occupations {but used for every issue where the need is felt}, as the country yawns and holds no one accountable nor wants to. It's that 'moveon' it's in the past, no lessons to be learned, no need to minimize any type of blowback by holding all those involved up to public indictments, and keep changing the subject so the country quickly forgets the reality and hires you back into the seats of power and policy!

Just a very recent sample

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