Thursday, July 29, 2010

In A War/Occupation Theater

There are always plenty of good deeds done by the soldiers serving in theaters, rarely reported on as they are numerous and happen like they would anywhere and done by the greater majority serving in the theaters. In Afghanistan if there had never been an Iraq devastating diversion and much more cooperation, for our money, from Pakistan, we wouldn't have greatly increased the hatreds towards us and we would have been helping the Afghans in rebuilding these past years and greatly marginalized the extreme criminal terrorist threats and groups as we would be reading and seeing many real winning hearts and minds stories.

Local Soldier Saves Afghan Children From Floods

29 July 2010 A local family is proud of their soldier, on tour in Afghanistan, after hearing of his heroic rescue of three children from flash floods in Afghanistan yesterday.

Sgt. Rob Huff from Williamstown has been to Iraq three times and was deployed to Afghanistan in May. He's been telling loved ones that he's homesick and is working long, hard hours.

But on Wednesday around 5:30 a.m., his girlfriend Amanda Buring got a text message from Sgt. Huff which read, "I saved a baby today. Will send picture when I can. Made it all worth being here." Continued

Sadly though, in an occupation theater the plenty of real good done is quickly whipped out as soon as innocent civilians are killed or maimed, especially children, everything, and it's start over again but much harder as the hatred numbers have already grown as have the recruitment numbers to the insurgent fighters who live there, in their homeland!

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