Wednesday, July 28, 2010

More Scum War Profiteers, Blood Wealth

And remember, these Extremist War Profiteers, making their comfortable livings on Blood Money of War, not only garner huge wealth, legal or illegally, but they don't even pay a fair share of that wealth for taxes, huge tax cuts, which would help cover the monies needed for the Veterans of our Wars and Occupations of Choice in fulfilling the contracts with the Country for their service in these Wars generating that Wealth, but hey neither does much of the Country want to pony up, they don't even pay attention to the Wars nor the Veterans of!

Body armour boss looted $185m to pay for prostitutes and parties, court hears

David H. Brooks and co-defendant Sandra Hatfield

27 Jul 2010 The former boss of the world's biggest body armour maker is accused of looting $185 million (£119 million) from the company to finance a lifestyle that included a $10 million bat mitzvah party for his daughter.

Prosecutors say David H Brooks used his company, DHB Industries, as his own private bank account, paying for his stable of race horses, pornography videos for his son, a $100,000 gem-encrusted US flag belt buckle, plastic surgery for his wife and prostitutes for his staff.

He hired the rock band Aerosmith and rapper 50 Cent to perform at his daughter's bat mitzvah and allowed her to use the company jet to fly to a Halloween party in Wisconsin, his trial in Long Island, New York, has heard. Tom Petty and the Eagles played at other parties for his children.

Prosecutors claim Mr Brooks forged a letter claiming the DHB board had approved some $6 million in disputed expenditures, which also included more than $350,000 on pens, some made of gold, and $40,000 on leather-bound bar mitzvah invitations.

However, the expenses are dwarfed by the $190 million that Mr Brooks, 55, and Sandra Hatfield, the company's former chief operating officer, allegedly made by lying about DHB's performance and stocks of its Interceptor bullet-proof vests so they could sell their shares at an inflated price. The pair deny the various fraud and insider dealing charges against them.

The court heard that the pair created companies to funnel money to a Swiss bank account and a bank in the tax haven of San Marino. Continued

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