Sunday, August 08, 2010

Caring Citizen? Or Another 'Grifter' War Profiteering Scam Artist!

Yesterday, 7 August 2010, I posted the latest report about the growing story of the political slush fund called the "U.S. Navy Veterans Association". While that ones been growing another questionable organization has come to light and started hitting the news which also needs elected politicians to gain the supposed goals it's set up and being sold on. I posted an earlier report, from this week, about this questionable group and it's founder. Well there's been an updated report with more slightly more information on this group called "The United States Fallen Heroes Foundation" out of Texas.

Unanswered questions about plans for military memorial

Jul 28 2010 - Questions are swirling around a $50 million project in Kennedale to honor veterans who have died since the September 11 terrorist attacks.

The Texas Attorney General is looking into documentation behind the United States Fallen Heroes Foundation.

* What exactly is the United States Fallen Heroes Foundation?
* Why does its founder use two names?
* And is it a tax-exempt organization?

The memorial project was introduced to the public during a slick presentation at a news conference two months ago.


News 8 discovered Coleman signs documents with two signatures and two names: "Evan Coleman" and "Walter Coleman."

"I'm both," he said when asked about the dual identity. "I'm Walter Raleigh Evan Coleman Jr."

He said his use of one name of the other "depends on the documents."

Records indicate that Coleman used "Walter" as a first name after a credit union sued him for $10,000 in debt under the name of "Evan Coleman.

Another question surrounds Coleman's military record. Kennedale City Manager Bob Hart is one of several people who say Coleman represented himself as a veteran.

"My impression is that he would have served in Vietnam, because he's made comments in that regard," Hart said.

But when pressed, Coleman told News 8 he was never in the military. Continued

Anyone out there who has given to this group, or one person, you might want to contact the Texas AG and pass on any information you might have, to help in his investigation into whether this is all legit, doesn't sound it, or another scam under the guise of being a caring citizen, giving the impression he's a veteran, with connections, and using the military and veterans sympathy card at a time of two long occupations!

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