Sunday, August 22, 2010

Intolerance in America

A Brief History of Intolerance in America - Photo Essays

Discrimination against different religious and ethnic groups dates back to the founding of the colonies. By Kate Abbott

This photo essay could have gone on and on, just on the so called religious ideologies some preach and demand others must follow alone, as to All the intolerance episodes that have plagued this Nation since Europeans came over and took from the Natives what was theirs for thousands of years prior!

With recent episode of inflaming hatreds {for much has to do with not wanting to hear or talk about all they supported that brought this Nation to it's knees in many ways}, by many who have before or are still using their own religious extremism, we're playing right into the hands, we already had during the previous decade, of those that used their extremist ideologies, responding just as those they condemn and not condemning a small group of but a whole religious, long established, ideology!

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