Sunday, September 12, 2010

It's expensive

Always wondered why Fear rules over Cost for these so called fiscal conservatives and the tax cutting teabagger types. They do same for Defense budgets, silence, but find nothing wrong with never mentioning the VA budget as they wage wars of choice and use the military and veterans in their speak for that phony patriotism!

Another reason to close Guantanamo: It's expensive

Sep. 11, 2010 - President Barack Obama has found another reason for closing the prison camps for suspected terrorists at Guantanamo, saying the Pentagon outpost is too expensive.

"The costs of holding folks in Guantanamo is massively higher than it is in holding them in a Supermax, maximum security prison here in the United States,'' Obama said at a White House news conference on Friday, one day before the Sept. 11 anniversary.

The Pentagon reports the annual cost of running the prison camps, staffed by a variety of U.S. military troops, at $116 million. With a current population of 176 war-on-terror detainees, that's more than $650,000 each.

By contrast, it costs just shy of $5,575 a year to keep a prisoner in federal detention, said Bureau of Prisons spokeswoman Traci Billingsley. A Supermax prisoner's cost might be a bit higher, she said, because of additional security. {read more}

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