Thursday, September 02, 2010

Tony Blair is Certifiably Nuts

I just listened to this interview and can now say what many, me included, have thought all along, not only about him but as to our own previous administration, he's certifiably crazy! I mean that in the so called World View, especially of righteousness, he just spoke. What's going on has Nothing to do with any religious ideology but does for those who want to use that as their excuse, boy do they got some splanin to do at the pearly gates. He seems to Not Understand that humans going into others countries and Destroying Them as that Kills and Maims Tens of Thousands plus and Millions of Refugees is Not going to create Rage and Hatred, not only in those countries but from others on the planet. He and like are beyond nuts, Way Beyond!!

Tony Blair On War, Globalization And 'My Political Life'

2 September 2010 - This week, Knopf will publish A Journey: My Political Life, Tony Blair's memoir.

NPR's Steve Inskeep had a conversation with the former prime minister of the United Kingdom, focusing on the war in Iraq, globalization, and Blair's political career.

Inskeep asked Blair for a "word or a sentence or a phrase" that would describe how he feels about the war in Iraq, some seven years after it began.

In the interview, as in his book, Blair chose to say that he has "a deep sense of responsibility," which prompted this exchange: {read more

Listen to the full discussion below but it's also broken into sections of different issues at the site link above.

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